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The Wiberg Spice Box 3. Seamless in-mould-labelling for bottle crates 4. NOR Absorbit flexible packaging.

Packaging Strategies

The Hopper-box The re-sealable, easy to hold, stable, appealing to touch, crumb-free enjoyment of chocolate is all fulfilled by the hopper box. The sleek box looks, at first glance, simple but when opened it displays the contents clearly and also has the added advantage of making the chocolates easy to get out without getting any crumbs or chocolate on your fingers. The opening system is intuitive and easy to use. A wave-shaped corrugated strip retains the wafers buttons in the box, keeps them apart from each other and protects them against mechanical damage.

The Hopper Box design follows a principle which Swiss Glanzmann Verpackungen AG developed for Swiss watch manufacturers for transporting their intricate dials. The corrugated strip also offers ecological benefits as the wafers need not be packed individually, thus resulting in considerably less waste than for comparable products. The graphic design is from Christian Reichenbach. The Wiberg Spice Box Wiberg is a year old German trading company specialised in high-quality herbs and condiments. They introduced the spice box, combining functionality with exclusive design.

The special feature however is the functional lid made of plastic and manufactured by G.

Scientex expands flexible packaging business with proposed acquisition of 42% stake in Daibochi

Junghans Kunststoffwaren-Fabrik. The chute can be flipped up with a click, the sprinkler opening appears and the herbs can be distributed without need of any other object such as a spoon or spatula. The functionality for the end-user and the quality of design was highly rated regarding level of convenience.

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Seamless in-mould-labelling for bottle crates Conventional bottle crates cannot be labelled all over. So far brand names could have only be placed on the straight walls of the bottle crates. With this new technology bottle crate, in-mould-labels cover the whole crate by means of injection moulding. This can be carried out very exactly, and with a seamless design, even the entire surface of the crate can be used for printing. In principle a bottle crate now can completely be encircled with high quality, scratch resistant in-mould labels without a seam.

This strengthens the POS significantly and offers new freedom and possibilities for branding. Delbrouck in Menden Sauerland Germany, has developed a new, innovative implementation in-mould label technology in cooperation with Alfa Brewery in Limburg, the Netherlands. Especially for this technology a new crate has been developed which has a comfortable radius at the edges in order to permit a perfect bending of the label film. Based on the lessons learned after launching a new crate for the mineral water industry in RheinfelsQuelle Delbrouck now has set a benchmark in injection moulding technology.

The impression of the crate is modern and premium class.

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The colours of the labels have a striking effect at the POS and allow a perfect from the competitors. As a matter of course the new crate obtains all relevant standards among internal and external logistics requirements. With best effort and accuracy all aspects concerning washing, filling, sorting and transportation stacking are considered.

Corporate Profiles

The shelf life of certain fruit and vegetables is profoundly affected by the formation of ethylene gas which, for example is produced by apples during ripening. The ethylene absorbing corrugated cardboard crate can help to slow down the process of decay and reduce losses due to more rapid ripening. The further production of the crate can then carry on as normal. The compatibility with foodstuffs is guaranteed.

The Benefits of Flexible Packaging

According to Food Processing magazine, flexible packaging is a clear leader that's just beginning to tap into its possibilities. Advances in flexographic printing for retort pouches, developed in Switzerland, circumvent the expense of rotogravure printing, with virtually indistinguishable results. Design flexibility allows manufacturers to experiment with packaging structure, as well. Consumers can pinch, pull, tear, shake and eat from the same container. Heated containers now cool faster while keeping food warm. For high SKU brands, new product additions and existing changes are seamless.

Edible containers, such as whey film, get mixed reviews, according to research by Erin Hoppe of the University of Wisconsin-Stout. But they could one day eliminate packaging waste altogether. One primary concern is hygiene. But there is promise. Hope explains that "intelligent" packaging can already use sensors, indicators, and processors to detect changes in and around packaging and react to them. In the future, that technology is expected to grow.

Polymers that control microorganisms will further reduce food waste. And with a higher level of biodegradability, manufacturers can double down on reducing waste. According to Beverage Daily , the trends are moving to a less-is-more philosophy. Flexible packaging offers flexible solutions for manufacturers, food processors and ultimately consumers. It keeps costs low with better-looking containers that out-perform traditional packaging on all fronts.

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With cutting-edge industry innovation, the future will hold smarter products that work hard not just to contain, but also enhance the product while eliminating bulk and waste. CDF Blog. Flexible Packaging Took Root Centuries Ago The historical, evolutionary curve of flexible packaging looks a bit like this: Treated tree bark Paper bags Semi-flexible cardboard Corrugated cardboard Plastics Lightweight, flexible packaging materials didn't emerge with the invention of plastic kitchen bags or even paper grocery sacks.