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Government agencies, vaccine manufacturers, health professionals, and vaccine consumers share a responsibility for vaccine safety. Members of the forum thus include individuals representing parent or consumer groups with an interest in immunization, individuals representing vaccine manufacturers, physicians, representatives from federal agencies responsible for regulating vaccines and implementing vaccine policies, and academic researchers with expertise in vaccine-related issues. The Vaccine Safety Forum's activities are a continuation of discussions undertaken by other IOM committees over the past 5 years.

The second and third workshops dealt with detecting and responding to adverse events following vaccination and research to identify risks for adverse events following vaccination, respectively. A summary of these two workshops is in press. On May 13, , the forum convened a workshop on risk communication and vaccination.

Workshop speakers and participants discussed key concepts in risk communication, unique aspects of communicating risks about vaccines, and. The focus was on the risk of adverse effects of vaccines, but the risks of the disease the vaccines protect against, and of vaccine failure, were also discussed. This document represents a summary of that workshop. The workshop began with an overview of risk communication in general and communicating risks about vaccines more specifically. The overview was followed by presentations about issues of ethics, medical decisionmaking, and informed consent. Next a panel of "stakeholders," people with a professional or personal interest in communicating information about vaccine risk, spoke about their roles, expectations, and perceptions of the risk communication process.

Members of this panel represented consumers, government, health care providers, vaccine manufacturers, media, and legal profession. The afternoon session began with individuals from government, industry, and consumer groups speaking about and giving examples of their current vaccine risk communication activities.

A panel discussion among risk communication researchers followed. These individuals were intentionally chosen as having expertise in risk communication without necessarily having deep knowledge of the issues related to vaccines and vaccination. Their purpose was to react to what had been discussed previously in the workshop and to help participants fit vaccine risk communication into the context of risk communication theory and practice in general. The final panel of the day brought back the stakeholders from the morning session for a discussion of potential improvements in the way that vaccine risk communication is carried out.

Vaccine Policy Changes and Epidemiology of Poliomyelitis in the United States

Open discussion among all participants was encouraged after each of the afternoon panels. An agenda and list of participants can be found at the end of the workshop summary. The purpose of a forum at IOM is to foster dialogue and discussion across sectors and institutions. Forum activities offer a mechanism for convening individuals from a variety of government, academic, industry, and citizen groups in connection with a particular theme.

Such activities provide a structured opportunity for regular and open communication among representatives of these groups. The objective, however, is to illuminate issues, not to resolve them. Unlike study committees of IOM, forums cannot provide advice or recommendations to any government agency or other organization.

Similarly, workshop summaries or other products resulting from forum activities are precluded from reaching conclusions or recommendations but, instead, are intended to reflect the variety of opinions expressed by the participants. The comments in this report represent the views of the workshop participants, as indicated in footnotes for each section and generically in the text.

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The identification of a speaker as a "vaccine manufacturer's representative" or a "CDC representative" is not intended to suggest that any particular organization holds the same views. Introduction and Background. Risk Perception and Decisionmaking. Influences on and Biases of Experts. Influences on the Acceptability of Vaccine Risks. Perception of Disease Risks.

Current Communications Efforts. Provider-Parent Interactions. Improving Vaccine Risk Communications. Appendix: Example of Vaccine Information Statements. Based on feedback from you, our users, we've made some improvements that make it easier than ever to read thousands of publications on our website.

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