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However, I will start by exposing the colonial mentality that dehumanizes living peoples and turns them into things and commodities. In service of this imaginary, peoples would be forced to uproot and travel oceans, enriching a particular interest by the sweat of their brow and at the expense of their life energies. Concerned with providing a base for supplies in the broader region, Forrest suggested that a good location might be found at Dusky Bay in the extreme South West of the South Island of Aotearoa NZ.

Caffre Kofra, Kafir originates from the Arabic for infidel with a specific focus on non-Muslim Africans. At an early date the term was spread by Portuguese across the Indian Ocean to primarily denote enslaved Africans. At Bancoolen Benkulen the Company operated a fort and, following its general policy for the Indian Ocean region, had established a pepper plantation. Indeed, as early as a Caribbean planter by the name of Nathaniel Cox travelled to Benkulen in order to introduce sugar canes.

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Enslaved Africans from or routed through Madagascar as well as other Africans forcibly routed through St Helena and Madras all worked the plantation, built the fort and even guarded the outpost. In this endeavour, the Company learnt from fellow Portuguese and Dutch colonizers in an enterprise of enslavement and dispossession that would circumnavigate the world from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

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From an early period of European entry into the Pacific there is evidence of the co-presence of Africans, often — but not always — enslaved. In rehearsing the long presence of slavers in Oceania, Thomas Dunbabin recounts a meeting in New Guinea at the turn of the sixteenth century between Spanish sailors and a Moor who bore the Spanish mark of enslavement — an S branded on the cheek. The Moor had been captured by Christians at the Battle of Lepanto, taken to Seville, sold and transported to Manila where he then stole a boat and headed south. This project introduced tenuous but long standing imperial connections between the Caribbean and Pacific islands.

Joseph Arthur revisits ‘Redemption’s Son’ at Teragram

Adventuring in the Pacific by the United States merchant and military navy reveals similar tales to that of the British. Around , Captain Brown sailed out of Boston with an intention to annex one of the Mariana Islands from Spain and build a colony.

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Most likely they were a combination of freed, indentured and enslaved. Regardless, they ultimately attracted a Klu Klux Klan branch. By the second half of the nineteenth century more Africans from the United States and the Caribbean were travelling the islands of Oceania with some even participating in the Australian gold rush.

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Kanaka — Pasifika peoples — on a plantation in Queensland, late s. With this wider drama sketched out, I will now focus upon the African presence in Aotearoa New Zealand. Before increased immigration in the s, a small number of African students arrived in the s through the Columbo Plan. However, the African presence, despite its paucity relative to indigenous and settler populations, is not peripheral to received histories of the settler colony but can be identified in some of the key episodes of European colonization…and in the indigneous struggle against colonization.

Barrett, presumably with Scipio in tow, would subsequently help to negotiate the occupation of land that would ultimately become the colony capital. The name Scipio strongly suggests in the United States context, the legal status of slave. The most documented incidence of African landfall in Aotearoa NZ, albeit not desertion but capture, occurred in at Whanganui.

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According to T. Tapsell bartered for the white and black Powers, as well as a captive Lascar. After some time, both of the Powers departed on a ship arriving from Sydney.

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Yet there is one more chapter to this story. Another schooner arriving from Sydney in with merchandise for Tapsell was beached in a storm at Maketu. In any case, all crew were saved. And we will return to the fate of this Jamaican towards the end of the blog. These are not isolated stories; the African presence peppers the nineteenth century historical landscape of Aotearoa NZ.

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There also exists a certain casual racism to the recording of such African arrivants. And these records prompt us to consider how Europeans gleaned the relationship between the indigenous peoples of Oceania and Africans through the two key colonial-racial lens of complexion and culture. But Europeans, working with at least a century of racial discourse concerning Atlantic slavery, had already conjoined black, savage and African.

We shall return to this point.

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I would prefer to say that relationships are not straight lines and that both entities in a relationship are co-creative of it. Hence, all peoples must be acknowledged as creators of their own pasts and presents even as they are woven and weave themselves into a broader human fabric in the process. Without this acknowledgment there is no ground for redemption. The breath of sacred life hau ora would not circulate. The Irits would not reveal anything. A few years ago I was lucky enough to have some reasoning sessions with a key figure in indigenous documentary film making in Aotearoa NZ and worldwide.

And she helped to document the tour with the Ras Messengers that I started this blog post with. I asked this documentary film maker where she had received her sense of social justice from. And she started by talking about her father.

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Her father and his friends adored Joe Lewis; they would sing the lines of black vocalists rather than their white dualists; and her father once drove them through the night so that they could see Louis Armstrong perform in Hamilton in In her later years this film maker realised that whilst her father was not explicitly political he was nevertheless attempting to demonstrate to her that it was not just white people who could possess world-class skills and perform notable feats.

A musical collaboration between two members of The Gloaming, the album is out in September. Named after the late Remmy Ongala, the event showcases exciting new East African talent. Liner notes Even as you read this Joseph Arthur is making another record. Reviews Redemption's Son exhibits the sure sign of a classic album.

The best songs are not nervously loaded at the front. Some of the real gems - the slow, creepy Permission, the unbearably beautiful Favorite Girl and the irresistibly poppy In The Night - emerge nearly an hour into the album. This time round, Grammy-bagging mixer Tchad Blake has replaced T-Bone Burnett as producer and brought added intimacy without sacrificing dreamy magnetism Arthur's vocals [are] as much soothing balm as quiet venom.

Blake's deft touch makes bedfellows of gentle acoustic guitar and gliding strings - I Would Rather Hide and Termite Song are stunning Uncut UK. Further Listening. Co-produced by the mighty T-Bone Burnett, it's a dense, attractively claustrophobic record, full of delightful contradictions: unnerving and reassuring, raw and yet meticulously compiled. This is the one I've been waiting for years to put out. Further reading. Thu, 19 September Fri, 26 July