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A Straussy, a Vaughany, to pick two names at random purely for example. However, people who would be willing to work hard to modify their name - a Nassery, for instance - would also be considered. Duties will include working closely with Alastair Cook as he attempts to put the team on an even keel after the disgraceful actions of a certain individual and also in his ongoing quest to score a run. The successful applicant will be from the right sort of family and inside cricket. There are excellent opportunities for chatting to the media, wearing a cream suit and looking back on a reasonable effort in the face of testing circumstances when the posting ends in roughly 18 months' time.

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To help make this website better, to improve and personalize your experience and for advertising purposes, are you happy to accept cookies and other technologies. Page 2. Alan Tyers. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. If you have not been soundly beaten in the Ashes, or lack a properly English nickname, you're definitely not fit for the role.

For forty years in the latter half of that century it was a closed military base. Today the islands 4, inhabitants try to strike a balance between their traditional agricultural livelihood and the pressures and temptations of European tourism in an age of globalization.


This book tells the story of how a group of distinctly average cricketers became unlikely sporting ambassadors and, quite by accident, helped re-introduce an island to its forgotten past. What are Manhattans and Wagon Wheels doing in the most English of sports? How do you tell flypaper hands from popadom fingers? Cricket - perhaps more than any other sport - has a language that delights those who know it, and confuses those who don't. While some of us have never actually heard the sound of leather on willow, everybody has heard of bowling a googly and playing a straight bat.

But few know what terms like doosra and dobber mean, and how to use them like a connoisseur. From Kennington to Kensington, from Melbourne to Mumbai, talk of cricket on and off the field is both well-mannered and bluntly offensive, confusing and crystal-clear, old-world and cutting-edge. With match reports, scorecards and illustrations, this book recounts vital and historic encounters against rival first-class counties and touring sides from around the world.

It was the very essence of camaraderie and good sportsmanship. Yet for all their evangelising, the game's privileged elite were part of a British establishment which revelled in its national prestige and imperial hegemony.

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And winning at cricket was essential to maintaining that stature. Ambassadors of Goodwill assesses the MCC's attempt to marry these conflicting objectives and foster goodwill within the Empire via long, formal overseas tours. After the war, the amateur ideal suffered when Len Hutton was appointed England's first professional captain. His uncompromising leadership brought success on the field but discord off it. Managers were installed to restore diplomatic harmony but, with the growing upheavals of the late 60s, cricket became increasingly associated with nationality, race and professional cynicism.

Containing full-colour photographs from each test match, this title tells the story of a remarkable summer when a national sport became a national obsession. It is useful for cricket fans, both old and new.

Wisden: Ashes in Focus records the drama and tension of all five Tests. It unites the unchallenged authority of Wisden and the acclaimed camerawork of Patrick Eagar, for 30 years the world's leading cricket photographer. A foreword by Richie Benaud completes the cast of cricket's most respected names.

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Wisden: Ashes in Focus tells the story of an extraordinary summer of cricket in pictures. From the first ball at Lord's to the celebrations in Trafalgar Square, it is packed with hundreds of full-colour photographs, and captures the epic struggle between England and Australia the world's two strongest sides to claim the historic Ashes urn. It's all here - the characters, the sportsmanship, the match-winners, the defining moments and the unforgettable celebrations.

Test victory from the Australians in Full scorecards and match reports for every game are brought alive by the words of those who played, watched and organised some of the greatest ever Tests. David Mortimer has talked to some of the many great players who played at The Oval - including Pat Pocock, Alec and Eric Bedser, Raman Subba Row - and begins his book with a history of this famous ground. The War of the White Roses tells the story in full from a completely neutral perspective for the first time. With insight from inside the dressing room, committee room, and from the terraces, it tells how two decades of fierce infighting caused so much damage it took almost 30 years to recapture those past glories.

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The period from to was scarred by bitterness, pettiness and jealousy as civil war broke out with one of the county's greatest-ever players, the brilliant but divisive Geoffrey Boycott, at the centre of the story. He is just one of the many interviewees to contribute from both sides of the divide, looking at the personal feuds and political machinations of the period, and examining just how they contributed to the team's fall from grace.

The Dawn of Cricket Hardcover H.

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