Manual Spectroscopy at Radio and Microwave Frequencies

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Waves and their Characteristics

Sign Up. DC Blocks. Low Noise Amplifiers. Microwave Absorbers. Antenna Analyzers. Digital Attenuators. USB Signal Generators. Directional Couplers. Phase Shifters.

What are Microwaves, Microwaves Uses (Applications) and Microwaves Electromagnetic Spectrum, Lecture

Variable Attenuators. PIM Analyzers. Variable Gain Amplifier. Fixed Attenuators. Power Amplifiers. Band Pass Filters. GaN Amplifiers. Power Dividers. Vector Network Analyzers. Bias Tees. GaN Transistors.

Microwave spectroscopy of radio-frequency dressed 87Rb now on arXive

Power Meters. Waveguide Bends. Block Upconverters.

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  • The Spectrum of Visible Light.

GNSS Modules. RF Laminates. Waveguide Circulators. Cable Assemblies. Horn Antennas. Accelerating charged particles produce electromagnetic radiation. The power radiated is proportional to the square of the acceleration.

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  8. Higher rates of velocity change result in higher frequency shorter wavelength radiation. The observed intensity of thermal radiation emitted by as a function of wavelength can be described by the Planck Radiation Law Physics The Planck Radiation Law gives the intensity of radiation as a function of wavelength for a fixed temperature. The Planck law gives a continuous distribution, which peaks at some wavelength. The peak shifts to shorter wavelengths for higher temperatures, and the area under the curve grows rapidly with increasing temperature.

    By observing the continuous distribution of the thermal radiation emitted by an object, we can learn its temperature. When light passes through or reflects or scatters of matter, it interacts with the atoms and molecules. Atoms and molecules have characteristic resonance frequencies.

    Electromagnetic Spectrum: Microwaves, Infrared, X-ray, Videos, Examples

    The preferentially interact with light waves of exactly those frequencies. When excited in collisions, atoms and molecules emit light with a set of characteristic frequencies. This results in a line spectrum.