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His analysis of will led him to the conclusion that emotional, physical, and sexual desires can never be fulfilled.

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Consequently, he favored a lifestyle of negating human desires, similar to the teachings of Buddhism and Vedanta. Human Science.

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Arthur Schopenhauer 2 books — Additional remarks on the doctrine of the nothingness of existence; Additional remarks on the doctrine of the suffering of the world; On suicide; Additional remarks on the doctrine of the affirmation and negation of the will to life; On religion; Some remarks on Sanskrit literature; Some archaeological observations; Some mythological observations; On the metaphysics of the beautiful and aesthetics; On judgment, criticism, approbation and fame; On learning and the learned; Thinking for oneself; On writing and style; On reading and books; On language and words; Psychological remarks; On women; On education; On physiognomy; On noise and sounds; Similes, parables and fables; Some verses; Versions of Schopenhauer's text; Glossary of names; Index.

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