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The Castoriadis Reader / Edition 1

Block iii : Capitalism- the class perspective. Block iv : A synthesis? Autonomy and the social imaginary. Castoriadis: socialism, bureaucracy and autonomy. Institutions and instituting society. The individual psyche and the radical social imaginary. Recommended texts for the whole Unit: specific readings for each week are given below. Coates: Models of Capitalism;Polity Some texts which cover, in a more general way, the political theories relevant to this Unit:.

A recent book on political theory which explores models of the state: Ed. A text which goes into considerable detail on the use of economic models in political science: Dunleavy, P: Democracy, Bureaucracy and Public Choice; Harvester Wheatsheaf Useful if basic introduction to sociological perspectives: Haralambos, M: Sociology; Bell and Hyman Post-Marxist approach to capitalism and democracy: Bowles, S.

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Recent critical text on corporate capitalism, which deals with the philosophical theories often underpinning economic models: Gupta, S. Corporate Capitalism and Political Philosophy, Pluto Specifically on approaches to democracy: Ed. Recent text taking a new look at bureaucracy, referring extensively to Weber : Du Gay, P.

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  • Production Theory and Its Applications: Proceedings of a Workshop.
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Extra Reading for each Lecture:. Strauss, and J. Hayek: Constitution of Liberty , Routledge Minogue: Contemporary Political Philosophers, Methuen Butler : Hayek, his contribution.. Temple Smith Cunningham, F: Theories of Democracy, Routledge has useful short discussion on democracy and capitalism.

Cornelius Castoriadis On Thucydides and Freedom

McLennan, D. Held, S. Anti-Minotaur: the myth of a value-free sociology, in: M. Stein and A. Vidich: Sociology on Trial, Prentice-Hall Held ch 5: competitive elitism and the technocratic vision, covers Weber, and Schumpeter. Althusser, Foucault -structuralism, post- modernism etc.

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Thompson: The Poverty of Theory , Merlin Howard and J. King: The Political Economy of Karl Marx Longman stresses active role of working class rather than economic 'laws' ;. Howard: The Legacy of Marxism, Macmillan ch Mouffe, C. Also, presumably, that UK workers were at a disadvantage in relation to their more broadly educated European counterparts. Of course, many of the tutors — including myself — were involved through a desire to reach FE and HE students and encourage social and political awareness, and to foster more critical attitudes among future workers.

However, some courses retained a component that had been originally taught as Liberal Studies. Aims: To provide a complementary introduction, for students of politics, to economic and social theories which may help to understand some debates in twentieth century politics. The course will: a introduce, and test the usefulness of, a number of models of modern capitalist society which bring together economics politics and social theory b explore concepts and issues concerning the nature of capitalist society, and possible alternatives, drawing on political, economic and social theory c introduce a number of significant writers from different backgrounds viz.

Teaching Methods: Each week the course lasts 12 weeks will comprise approximately two-thirds lecture information input — but presented in such a way as to encourage a certain amount of discussion and one-third seminar which will usually comprise primarily a discussion of issues raised in the lecture and a seminar reading.

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Introduction: Political theory, economics and the social sciences. Functional vs. Alford and Friedland - Introduction and Chapter 1. Economic models and approaches. The creation of value. Cole et al pp. Modern liberalism- Hayek, Friedman.

Wiley Blackwell Readers: The Castoriadis Reader by David Curtis (1997, Paperback)

Conservatism, Thatcherism, New Right. Defending Bureaucracy? Socialism and Marxism. Extracts from E. Castoriadis: Philosophy, Politics, Autonomy, Odeon, Some texts which cover, in a more general way, the political theories relevant to this Unit: Lechte, J. Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. Description Table of Contents Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book!

The Castoriadis Reader (Wiley Blackwell Readers)

Industry Reviews " The Castoriadis Reader , with representative extracts from almost fifty years of political and philosophical writing, reflects his long march from Marx back to Aristotle. Editor's Foreword. Recommencing the Revolution The Social Imaginary and the Institution The Social-Historical. The Social Regime in Russia From Ecology to Autonomy The Crisis of Western Societies The Greek Polis and the Creation of Democracy The Logic of Magmas and the Question of Autonomy Radical Imagination and the Social Instituting Imaginary Culture in a Democratic Society Psychoanalysis and Philosophy Done and To Be Done In Stock.

An Introduction to Crime and Criminology.

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Research for Social Workers 4th edition An introduction to methods. Sociology Australia. Social Determinants of Indigenous Health.

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