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Thank you Mr Da Costa. This is an informative write up and it does give confidence to users like me who still use old Office. For me, Word , Excel and Outlook work fine with Windows 10 without Compatiblity Mode, with a few exceptions. Can anybody help with these? Maybe this is because Word, etc. Is there any way to point Word, etc. What folder are Recent Docs located in Win 10 and is this different from Win 8 and previous under which this function worked fine for Office Similarly, is there any way for Word, etc.

Right now, Word, etc. The Autocomplete function for auto-completing email addresses in the TO box of new or replied message in Outlook is unusable in Win 10 when you have chosen that you want to use Word as your email editor. The program stalls or sometimes crashes when trying to use autocomplete. This mysteriously arose in Win 8 and now If you use the native Outlook email editor, then Autocomplete functions normally, but there are many features of using Word as email editor not available on the Outlook email editor.

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Any suggestions to solve this so we can still use Word as email editor in Outlook with Autocomplete working under Win 10? Any input on 1 2 or 3?

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Learn more. Andre Da Costa Created on September 2, Volunteer Moderator. Technical Level : Basic Summary Bill Gates once said you could purchase a license for a version of any software from Microsoft and never have to purchase another version. Details Update: Microsoft recently updated the requirements for running Microsoft Office on the Windows Is Office included for free with Windows 10? Word for Windows 95 running on Windows 10 - source here With a volume of questions on the Windows 10 Reservation forum asking whether their Office , or XP version is compatible; I decided to do so some test for users who would like to know.

Setup All three versions started setup nicely with exception for Office setup which presented an error message during the install: Error Running Office setup for , XP and on Windows 10 I promptly clicked Ignore a couple times and setup completed successfully. All three versions installed successfully Testing Office programs All apps with the exception of Outlook ran great on Windows Outlook was the only problematic app in the suite.

Office Office XP Office Publisher versions , and Publisher 98 Installation: You will get the following error regarding the custom dictionary when you launch Publisher Apart from that, it works and functions just fine: There you have it, Publisher 98 running on Windows 10 November Update without issue and no need for compatibility mode: Conclusion This was not a thorough test, apps like FrontPage or OneNote were not evaluated. Happy computing! Up vote Previous Previous Next. Vanrensalier Replied on February 20, Thank you for this article! I am happily pulling out and successfully installing old software that I have not used since XP!

I have a number of Word Perfect docs that I have not been able to access for a few years and just now installed Word Perfect 12 so that I can open them again. I was also able to install Paint Shop Pro 8, which has some features that were not included in later editions. Windows 10 is working well beyond my expectations. Devid 4, 6 6 gold badges 46 46 silver badges 67 67 bronze badges.

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ManiAm ManiAm 1 1 gold badge 3 3 silver badges 12 12 bronze badges. GrindEq worked for me in a simple test using Word on Win 7. Maybe you tried something too complicated, and maybe you could use it on your document if you split it to a few files and convert them, then handle any offending equations manually. Korpela Dec 22 '13 at I even tried it on simple equations, and it did not work. I think it is because of the outdated GrindEq software. Firee: By this, only the document will be converted into new version not the equations. ManiAm Did you finally get a solution to this from elsewhere?

This is a bit lengthy, but it works! Download and LibreOffice. It's free. Go into Word and save your file as a. Double-click the equation that you want to edit. Make the changes that you want. User and Developer เว็บบอร์ด phpBB3 ภาษาไทย

Jacob M. Offering more details would help us. Give us the solutions you tried. It is incompatible not only with earlier versions of Word, but also with other programs that have previously been able to open Word files.

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Visit www. Users of other programs can use a file converter such as Zamzar free; www. To enable users of previous versions of Microsoft Word to read your Word documents without a special download, save them in Word format. If you used features unique to Word , such as themes, citations, and equation building, in your file, these elements will not come through as expected during format conversion, and some information may be lost permanently. This component might have been damaged or deleted.

Reinstall the client software or data source driver software for your database. I do not know much about IQY files so I have no idea what database software it may be trying to use. The file is supposed to be connecting to a sharepoint website to work with the data there.

From what the user says and I have seen this works fine for other users, on other machines. But not for her I have tried using "Detect and Repair" in Excel to see if anything was corrupt with no success. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling just Excel, and when that didn't work I uninstalled the entire office suite and reinstalled it still with no luck. I am at a loss as what else I should try. It should be said that I tried other IQY files and those give the same error. Thank you in advance. Filed under: load , iqy , sharepoint , Error opening IQY file.

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Yes, a corrupt installation may be the problem, especially if the same function works on other workstations. On rare occasions Excel can become unstable and start exhibiting unwanted behavior, crashing, or not even starting. Below are several steps to take to try and get Excel back to a stable state. Try to reproduce the problem after each step and, if resolved, there is no need to continue to the next step.