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Microprocessor Design

I don't accept late work, period. These assignments should be completed without help from others and entirely your own work. The lab project is a sequence of assignments in which each student independently builds an entire product on a breadboard. There will be separate assignments in which the design and implementation of the product are broken into manageable, logical steps.

See more details about the labs in this PDF document. Two exams: a midterm and final. There will be one midterm exam given around mid-quarter. The final exam will be cumulative.

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The location and time will be posted on the course schedule. Work will not be accepted late.

8-bit CPU control logic: Part 1

If you have a well documented, unforeseeable, and unavoidable crisis, please come talk to me about it, as early as possible. Students may leave after 15 minutes if the professor or guest lecturer does not arrive within that time.

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Students should contact Student Disability Services and myself to discuss their individual needs for accommodation as early as possible — at least a week before special accommodations are needed. Integrity, honor, and dignity are fundamental characteristics of the engineering profession. Engineers strive to exhibit these characteristics while using their knowledge, skills and experience to improve the world around them. At any given cycle, you are either reading from it or writing to it, with the address given by the address bus. In case of a lw load-word or sw store-word instruction, the address is either immediate or the output of the ALU.

The data output of the DMEM will always go into the register file, where it gets stored into a register selected by rd. The core of the processor - all the actual computations are performed here. As shown in the instruction set, operations such as addition, subtraction and logical operations are all done in this unit.

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Also, the output of the ALU is used as the address for certain memory related operations. The unit that actually makes the entire processor work as expected. The input to this is the instruction word, and the output is a set of control signals that decide, for example, whether the register file is to updated, what operation is to be done by the ALU, whether memory read or write is required etc.

One way to implement this is to make it a combinational block that will generate the following signals:.

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Each of the blocks described above should be implemented as a separate verilog module with suitable input and output port definitions. Use a VIO signal on chipscope to implement a push button that can be used as a clock pulse. The ALU outputs should be monitored through chipscope to show the working. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world. Microprocessor Design. Namespaces Book Discussion.


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