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Immediately, there was an agenda to unite African nations, and a policy of Africanization began to gain ground. In the area of education, this Africanization process was vigorously pursued. DuBois, was revived. In Nigeria, new universities were established to counter the colonial-based education that was present at the University of Ibadan, and in some East African countries there were fears that foreign university teachers would not be able to further the Africanization of university education. Virtue, Cicero argues, seeks no other reward for its labors and dangers beyond that of praise and glory.

Far from belonging to the static code of an aristocratic warrior class, as was once understood, honor and shame are increasingly seen as part of a complex and polyvalent ethical system. They manifest themselves not only in the heroic self-assertion of ancient epic but also in a variety of other arenas, such as, for example, philosophical treatises, gender relations and sexual mores, the lives of enslaved peoples, Athenian law and politics, the performance of Roman state identity, and religious belief.

Thus they are pervasive throughout literature, thought, and society in the ancient world. High school Latin programs along with Classics programs at the college or university level are in perpetual peril, and keeping any program alive contributes to the ongoing effort to keep our field afloat and relevant, while also continuing to provide students with all of the benefits that we know that Latin offers.

This reflection is meant as a case study for understanding and then addressing the issue of threatened Latin programs across the country. I will lay out the factors and steps that led to the initial decision to drop the program, those that we discovered were critical in the eventual success of the resistance effort, and roles that a college or university Classics programs can play to retain their comrade programs, which cultivate many eventual Classics students and majors. Photo Credit: Robert Holschuh Simmons.

Ritual practices dedicated to maritime success appear across a wide span of human cultural history, from the Mediterranean to the North Sea, Southeast Asia across the Pacific to the west coast of the Americas. Culturally-constructed seafaring rituals could be seen as spiritual or superstitious, and respond to the combination of risk and profit endemic in even short voyages by water. Maritime religion infuses all water-borne contact across cultural boundaries; the crafts of those who build rafts, canoes, and sailing vessels; navigational skills which may reach back to ancestors who have faded into cultural legend; and myriad mnemonic and naming strategies extending to littoral markers and celestial patterns.

Mythic and ritual responses are accordingly complex, ranging from apotropaia to the divine authorization of civic structures, shipboard shrines and functional epithets which could link divinities, heroes and nearly-deified rulers to the control of the waves and winds. Skip to main content. Search form Search.

Back issues of Illinois Classical Studies. Websites and Resources. Select a category from this list to limit the content on this page. September Deadlines. View full article. International journal of the classical tradition. International journal of nautical archaeology.

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International journal of philosophical studies. International Philosophical Quarterly. International Studies in Philosophy. Journal of the American Oriental Society. Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt. The Journal of the British Archaeological Association. Journal of the economic and social history of the Orient. Journal for the history of astronomy. Journal for the history of Arabic science. Jahrbuch der Heidelberger Akad. Journal of the History of Medicine and allied Sciences.

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