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Do you want to come over for pancakes tonight? She simply thought of me and did what she could to show she cared. For those in minority communities, stay strong and be patient. We can be nurturing with those in majority culture as they learn to step outside their comfort zones and struggle to understand.

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As we witness wars, broken households, social unrest and political disputes, we can all agree — our world is broken. Despite this, we know Christ has already won. His kingdom is here. Jesus is redeeming broken people and using them for a holy ministry. We have hope that Jesus will set all of it right.

At times, the problems of our world can feel overwhelming. Where do we find hope in it all? Who are you surrounding yourself with? Where are you looking for hope? Discover the courage to change.

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FAQ Policy. About this book From her perspective as a white feminist theologian, Karen Teel dialogues with five womanist thinkers to develop a Christian theology of the body that can compel Christians, especially U.

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Show all. Racial justice demands Christians actively, boldly, and without reservation participate in dismantling racism within systems and structures that oppress people, limit equal access, and denies children, women, and men their civil and human rights. Christian activists are equipped to:. Our intention is to disrupt and dismantle structures and systems that perpetuate racism. Racism has no place in our world. Racism must never be taught as a Biblical principle because God did not create superior people groups and cultures.

Racism should never be tolerated in worship spaces, preached from pulpits, allowed in communities, or supported by local, state, and national government leaders. God desires all people be treated with dignity and respect, to live free, and move about the earth without borders, walls, and threats of separation and annihilation.