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Fundamentals of Magnetism - Mathias Getzlaff - Häftad () | Bokus

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Basic Concepts in Magnetism

Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. The first part of this state-of-the-art book conveys the fundamentals of magnetism for atoms and bulk-like solid-state systems, providing a basis for understanding new phenomena which exclusively occur in low-dimensional systems as the giant magneto resistance.

ISBN 13: 9783642068270

This wide field is discussed in the second part. Suitable for graduate students in physical and materials sciences, the book includes numerous examples, exercises, and references. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Textbooks.

Add to Wishlist. USD The researchers noted that conventional magnets can only be used as actuators for exerting forces in one direction since they are limited by Joule magnetostriction. Actuation, even in two directions, requires bulky stacks of magnets, which increase size and reduce efficiency. Since non-Joulian magnets spontaneously expand in all directions, compact omnidirectional actuators can now be easily realized, they said.

Because these new magnets also have energy efficient characteristics, they can be used to create a new generation of sensors and actuators with vanishingly small heat signatures, said the researchers.

Fundamentals of Magnetism and Electricity

These magnets could also find applications in efficient energy harvesting devices; compact micro-actuators for aerospace, automobile, biomedical, space and robotics applications; and ultra-low thermal signature actuators for sonars and defense applications. Since these new magnets are composed of alloys that are free of rare-earth elements, they could replace existing rare-earth based magnetostriction alloys, which are expensive and feature inferior mechanical properties, said researchers.

This research has the potential to catapult sustainable, energy-efficient materials in a very wide range of applications. Materials provided by Temple University.

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Non-Joulian magnetostriction. Nature , ; : DOI: ScienceDaily, 20 May Temple University. Fundamental magnetism discovery: New class of swelling magnets.

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