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But back in the early s, nobody gave Little Richard a second glance. It was a time in America where the black and white worlds had co-existed separately for nearly two centuries. After "Tutti Frutti" Little Richard began garnering fans from both sides of the civil rights divide. In Macon, Georgia, David Kirby interviews local characters, who knew Little Richard way back when, citing church and family as his true inspiration.

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Kirby sees Little Richard as a warrior, one fighting with skill and cunning to take his place among the greats. In the words of Keith Richards on hearing "Tutti Frutti" for the first time , 'it was as though the world changed suddenly from monochrome to Technicolor'.

Those sentiments have consistently been echoed by the music-listening world, and the time is ripe for a reassessment of Little Richard's genius and legacy. Read more Read less. Review 3 extracts in The Word, February No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers.

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Little Richard: The Birth of Rock 'n' Roll

Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. January 4, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. This was an OK read. It was more about the song Tutti Fruiti then Little Richard. He spends most of the book trying to prove his point. If you want to learn about Little Richard, there are probably better books out there. May 20, - Published on Amazon.

Read more like a history of Rock 'n Roll with a small amount devoted to Little Richard. September 9, - Published on Amazon. Seduced, once again, by a Terry Gross interview. Not a bad book, but a step below the "OK" rating. Few new, or little known, facts about Pennyman, who should be a biographer's dream.

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As my title suggests, it just lies there, and never gets off the runway. December 1, - Published on Amazon. Pretty good January 12, - Published on Amazon. Once, a long time ago, a young man who lived in Italy, after they spoke nothing but Latin and before they spoke that kind of modern Italian style idiom, asked a fruit vendor what kind of fruit he sold. Tutti Frutti! This singular anointing of agape helps explain not only his triumphs, but also his very survival. Plug his particulars into any actuarial table — the runt son of twelve black children born into Depression-era poverty in a small, segregated Southern town; eyes and legs that were slightly mismatched in size, resulting in a mischievous leer and a limp; some pronounced sexual ambiguities, including a penchant for drag; and plenty of cheeky attitude to boot — and the odds-on projections would doom Richard Penniman as another hate-crime statistic, most likely a pineywoods lynching too harrowing to speak of.

In his heyday, he was a threat to everything parents and preachers and politicians stood for, sure, but he coated that threat in happiness, sass, and gobs of Pancake 31 makeup. And the parents were really bitter about me.

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We played places where they told us not to come back, because the kids got so wild. They were tearing up the streets and throwing bottles and jumping off the theater balconies at shows.

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The music liberated their bodies, and their spirits followed. However, the ecosystem that produced Little Richard was always plenty colorful, and that factor, too, has to account in some way for his scrappy survival. She later attributed her inspiration to more wholesome dreams of ice cream. Both Phil Walden and I were star-struck and shy at the same time.

Did this ever make our day! The entertainer also claims to have shrieked the non sequitur in the face of segregationist governor George Wallace.

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But never underestimate him. She had heard him warbling as he helped her unload her gear. The applause hooked him. During a tour of Australia, he glimpsed Sputnik, the Russian satellite, scudding across the sky. Disregarding millions of dollars in canceled bookings and lawsuits, he enrolled in Oakwood College in Alabama and became a minister in the Seventh Day Adventist Church, launching a career in evangelism that would include his marriage and a son, some exquisite gospel recordings, and a role officiating at the Las Vegas wedding of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.

We ended up talking theology, and we still talk more about Scripture than we do the music business. But he still rocks out on the old songs.

Little Richard Renounces Rock ‘n’ Roll…Temporarily

Ingrained habits do die hard. Like any proper Southern belle, Little Richard usually does not leave the house without full makeup and a cresting pouf of wig. Richard is a true Christian — no drugging and no messing around with girls or boys. His faith has sustained him, agrees another old friend, Seaborn Jones, a nationally recognized poet who met the singer outside the Macon Coliseum around He was really the first person to give me any encouragement as a writer, to tell me I could do it.

That spelled out something to me and touched me deeply.